The best Guarantee of the industry

UMT Technologies offers you the best guarantee of the industry with the systems of filtration and softener KINETICO. Its expertise in the field of the water benefits from continuous innovation. All the products and accessories presented in our catalogue are guaranteed by the manufacturer: an additional proof of the quality offered to our customers. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with UMT Technologies solutions.


UMT TECHNOLOGIES works with PURIBEC CPSC. (QUEBEC, CANADA) and products KINETICO (OHIO, the USA). KINETICO is a world leader in the field of the water treatment. In the avant-garde, it innovates and obliges itself to be an actor of the change and excellence. That is why KINETICO invested a lot in research and development. Equipment KINETICO obtained from certifications NSF INTERNATIONAL as well as certifications with WATER QUALITY association (WQA).